Green stress reducers

Say ‘yes’ to plants and ‘no’ to stress

Stress, worry, agitation are no fun. They’re also unhealthy, for your body and mind. Prevention is better than cure — and plants (of course) can help.

Good for your health

You’ll already have heard of the positive effect plants have on your physical health. They remove unhealthy substances from the air, and give back clean oxygen into the atmosphere. They also battle against dry air by humidifying their environment. As if that isn’t enough, plants have also been found to be great stress reducers.

Less stress thanks to living plants

Various studies have shown that people in the vicinity of living plants are less stressed-out than people in a plant-free environment. Charlotte Lelieveld of Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) says: “Plants lend an attractive look to buildings, which has a positive effect on stress reduction.” And the same applies in your home. Research by Lohr et al (1996) revealed that people in a room full of plants had lower blood pressure than people in a plant-free setting. Plants like jasmine and lavender even spread an opulent and calming fragrance, making it even easier to relax.

Calming focal points

Alongside their attractive appearance, plants also help you feel at one with nature. They’re always there for you, as living green focal points of calm in a world that’s moving ever faster. Unlike people, they don’t get upset about the issues of the day. They just steadfastly carry on doing what they’re good at. So you can also see them as an role models. Give your green stress-busters a splash of water, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the peace and quiet together.