Autumn/Winter 2021 Trend Collection:Balanced Biotope

Plants you don’t want to miss this season

This season is all about the emancipation of greenery in terms of garden and house plants. A few plants here and there are no longer enough! Nature is a stakeholder with an important voice that cannot be ignored any longer. 

Style Trend Balanced Biotope not only stands for more green, but especially for a more conscious use of green. Sustainability, the use of organic materials, recycling and upcycling are important themes. Read on, discover the latest trends and give this season’s plants pride of place in your home, garden or patio!

Leaf begonia

The leaf begonia has tough, velvety leaves. This look makes the begonia perfect for this Trend Collection, where we see many tough, constructive materials. The begonia has beautiful leaf patterns in silver, pink, burgundy or green. And when the light change, there’s always a new colour to be discoverd in its leaves! Want to experience this yourself? Then discover this continuous plant pattern on the wall. 


With its special flowers and graceful green stems, the Cambria is a beautiful sight. This special orchid has a rich symbolism (beauty, wealth, love and power), and a low-maintenance character. This makes her a perfect housemate, one you will definitely want to bring into your home this season! Not just to enjoy its beauty, but also to create a deliciously fragrant house perfume


The enormous variety of species makes grasses suitable for many different spaces and applications. You can use them perfectly in an indoor border or as a natural art object, for example. With their lush appearance and neutral colours, they give your interior a natural look that fits in perfectly with this season’s style trend. 


With its colourful flowers and sturdy leaves, Primula, also known as the primrose, provides mountains of optimism. This winter flower is a symbol of a new beginning, growth and hope. And did you know that Primula has a slightly aniseed-like flavour, which makes it ideal for use in dishes such as these delicious pancakes?

Peace Lily

The stylish peace lily is characterised by its dark green leaves with brilliant white flowers above. The plant is resilient and easy to care for, making maintenance simple. This in combination with its air-purifying qualities makes it a valuable addition to the Trend Collection and to your interior. Use it as a green room divider, for example!     


Alocasia, also known as elephant ear, is known for its large leaves. The plant conquered many living rooms since the 50s and deserves a place in the Trend Collection with its vintage vibe and beautiful green leaves. The longer you look, the more you see about this plant, and that is why we invite you to a mindfulness master class with this impressive specimen.