Discover the Magic of the Calathea

Imagine … a living work of art that enchants your interior while purifying the air. Meet the Calathea, the centerpiece of September at Air So Pure. Curious about the secrets of this beautiful plant? Read on and discover why the Calathea is an absolute must-have for any interior!

Vibrant greenery

If you are looking for a plant that will transform your home into an oasis of tranquility, Calathea is your perfect match. With its vibrant patterns, unique leaves, and special features, this plant brings a touch of magic into your life. The Calathea is also known as Shade Plant, Zipper Plant, or Peacock Plant because of its large, striking, and moving leaves. The Air So Pure Calathea filters pollutants from the air while releasing oxygen. With this plant in your home, you breathe cleaner air.

What makes this plant even more special is its unique behavior. This is because the Calathea has a day-and-night rhythm. During the day the leaves spread out like a beautiful flower, and at night they close again. Therefore, it seems as if the plant is communicating with you and, like you, wants to sleep. So don’t be afraid if you hear rustling at night. These are not mice, but the Calathea closing its leaves. A real piece of jungle in your room!

The Calathea is native to the lush tropical rainforests of Central and South America. It is a native plant species that thrive in the shady and humid environments of countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

At Air So Pure, we offer a diverse range of Calathea species, each with its unique characteristics and patterns. From the exotic Calathea Orbifolia to the playful Calathea Medallion, there is always a Calathea to suit your interior and personality.

The power of the Calathea

To enjoy your Calathea as long as possible, we give you some simple care tips. The Calathea does not like the sun and therefore prefers a shady spot. Do make sure there is daylight coming in to promote growth. Keep the soil slightly moist, but not soggy. Rather give a small amount of (lukewarm) water twice a week than a lot of water once a week. Also, spray the plant regularly with some water and wipe the dust off the leaves.

Did you know that, besides “Shadowplant,” some Calathea species are also called “Sleeping Moths”? This nickname also came about thanks to the closing behavior of the leaves at night. So the Calathea is a fine plant to give as a gift to someone who deserves a little more relaxation.

Air So Pure has selected the best Calatheas from our proud grower Teun Valstar Shadowplant They grow the Calathea in more than 12 varieties and different pot sizes and treat and package your air-purifying greenery with care and love.

Join the Green Revolution

At Air So Pure, we believe in the power of green and want to inspire you to consciously choose air-purifying houseplants. Our mission is to start a green revolution. To emphasize the importance of clean air. With the Calathea as September’s Plant of the Month, we want to introduce you to a unique plant.

Choose the Calathea, a powerful addition to your interior and a healthy living environment. Join the green revolution of Air So Pure and experience the magic of the Calathea!