Azalea StarStyle™

A star of the garden

Azalea StarStyleTM blooms exuberantly with its star-shaped fresh colored pink, white or lila flowers. This star shines in early spring in your home and garden!  A real eye-catcher for inside and outside, fits in any interior and in any garden.

It’s a real worry-free friend, because the StarStyleTM requires little attention. So, relax and enjoy your favorite star.This dwarf Azalea will be approximately 40 cm high and 50 cm wide and can withstand both hot and cold weather conditions. Very suitable for indoors or on a balcony or terrace. Hardy to -10 ºC.


Masses of pink, lila or white star-like flowers

Long flowering

Flowers in spring

Compact growth habit


Indoor & outdoor

Perfect for garden, balcony and terrace